Indigo Mateo

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Acknowledging My Survivor

In order to love Self, I had to first acknowledge her pain, her survival. Sometimes we go through harm and don’t take a minute to acknowledge the fact that we have just been through something.     

Deep inside there’s no mistaking that there is a want, a need to acknowledge the unspeakable and the unspoken, rather than focus on appearing to be well. A need to outpour or purge. Some tears are morning dew, others are monsoons.


In my most vulnerable times, I know that giving up the power of my intuition is not an option. When I’m feeling something I’ve got to sit with it. It’s been my effort to not only acknowledge the fact that I am still processing trauma in my life but also shamelessly claiming that which has always been present within. My truth, my heart and my experience. It is my choice to transform through trauma.

By asking for support, receiving the blessings meant for me and practicing self-kindness, I created a space for myself to work through sexual violence and share it with others who have been through or are going through various harmful experiences. It is my hope that anyone reading this feels a sense of wholeness. You are more than enough. You have a right to be joyous.