Indigo Mateo

Album "Intuition" Streaming Everywhere

Welcome Dear Spirit

As you enter the dwelling place of Indigo-- continue to be mindful. This here's my little plot of land on the internet-- the virtual universe we relate in, share through, get trolled by and more. Although this space is purely virtual, it embodies multiple atmospheres necessary for my healing. 

Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton, New Jersey

This place is a hyperlink, same way it’s a sanctuary for prayer, an altar for healing, a sacrificial stair. Here, I’ll hurl my most fragile emotions to their death, setting them free through my release. I will pray for myself. 

Here, I will ritualistically celebrate my survivorhood. I will also plant seeds, and tend to my craft here. I will preach, ask, educate and reminisce. I will make mistakes and I will not always get the story in a desired angle. But I will speak in my authentic voice. I will edit. I will fail and try again. I will accept help and input, be guided with humility. I will unconditionally love myself and forgive myself for mistakes.   

I’m finding contentment in my life because I have made the first step in sovereignty, unveiling all that once silenced me.

While reading, you’ll gain insight about my persona and purpose. Send any great ideas, desires to collaborate, or inquires to