Indigo Mateo

Album "Intuition" Streaming Everywhere

I was created

My family has always had a deep influence on me. My Puerto Rican, Honduran and Salvadoran roots have inspired my goals: To be the woman who cries back the song of the ancients, to orate, to fight for prosperity, to revere La Madre Tierra. I own my privilege in the process of working to heal a colonized outlook on myself and others. I don’t like to dwell on why I was given this position-- to be in this moment, to be living my dream-- after so much suffering in my ancestors’ and familiy’s lives. I let my awareness of my position elevate me to the next place where I can be useful to the All, and take on the next challenge of my generation. 

I was destroyed

I once envisioned my lifeless body in the third person and was so happy for her being dead. Seems pretty eerie, but when the unthinkable, the unbearable strikes, one may weigh the pros and cons of continuing a wounded fight. Heaving for air, I ducked when my suicidal thoughts took a swing for me, lucky timing. As I crawled out of an experience that seemingly stole much of my self-purpose, I looked out everyday at the world like I’d just seen a ghost. There weren't enough resources for help. There were and are too many hurtful things people say to a survivor of trauma "out of love"  than we can possibly bear...But the truth is, we each have some type of life-obstacle, some heavy traumatic battle, that we fight with most days...and We will either be defined by it, or seize the liberty to define it for ourselves. I haven’t made-up the story of my past, and I haven't let it make me up either. Who I am breathes within the moment of Now. I had to accept the most universal sorrow, the destruction of my ego, and have been humbled, honored, and blessed to build myself up from the start again in a place of awareness and magnificent influence.

I am still here

It means something to me that I'm still given the chance to create. This blog is meant to be a home for my advice to anyone who is looking to deepen the connection between BODY and SOUL. The two are often ripped apart when we encounter the abrasiveness of society and harm in the world. I invite to you to watch me transform and to accompany me on the circuitous path that is healing, expressing, and loving fully. Enjoy the music I’ve used to calm my soul and ease my fears. Read the thoughts I’ve deemed critical to make known. Revel in my luminosity and appreciate your light in ways you never have. Thanks for still being “here” too.


Indigo is 1/2 of the duo Laurel Soul. Indigo is a poet, vocalist and songwriter from New Jersey. Based in the Bay, she performs and speaks locally to empower others around her in discovering the art of self love and political activation. A strong component of healing and art in her community, Indigo hopes to continue to spread love and aspire through the mediums of written word, music, leadership, modeling and film.